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Katana Chipless Return Bender

The Katana Chipless Return Bender by Burr OAK Tool is fast, clean, and
elegant. Advantages of the Katana include servo controls, quicker tooling changes and
improved throughput. The cut is neat, clean and chipless. No saw cut
means no chips which delivers a significant reduction in scrap and cleaning
compared to previous OAK return benders. The cutting-edge Katana is a
simple and ingenious solution which mirrors Burr OAK Tool’s high-quality
standards and industry leading innovations.


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Economic Advantages

■ Higher productivity
■ Reduce scrap through oscillating cut and no need for a trim ring
■ Reduce downstream cleaning process as result of no saw chips
■ Longer lasting cutters
■ Lower maintenance cost
■ Lower cost per return bend

Technical Advantages
■ Innovative cutter head design for superior cut quality without chips reduces
cleanup time and post processing needs
■ Independent hydraulic clamping greatly reduces clamp marks and helps
mitigate tubing diameter inconsistency
■ Unique servo driven clamp offers more control in bend quality and tube
end conditions
■ Servo driven bend allows for easy over-form adjustments.
■ OAK 4.0 enabled
User Advantages

■ Touch screen interface improves set-up time
■ Length changes made on touch screen. No more manual adjustments.
■ Fast tooling changeover time
■ Fixed displacement lubrication control through the operator interface

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